Coyote - Singing Coyotes
Brandee Brandee, Coyote Ugly San Antonio
"My first day of kindergarten I was singing along to Boyz II Men when Mom realized I could sing! I started at Coyote Ugly shortly after turning 21, and during a night shift the girls convinced me to sing on the bar...and here we are!"
Christa Christa, Coyote Ugly Austin
"Helping women increase their self confidence and feel sexy is an awesome feeling. And I never dreamed my job at Coyote Ugly would have anything to do with my love for music. It is an amazing thing when life just keeps getting better!"
Crystal Crystal, Coyote Ugly Nashville
"My style evolved from growing up in Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas, and San Diego. Being a country performer is a lifetime dream!"
Lindsay Lindsay, Coyote Ugly Denver
"Not only has being a Coyote opened doors for modeling opportunities, television appearances, and the chance to dance and perform music, Coyote Ugly has helped me become a more confident woman and performer."
Nathalie Nathalie, Coyote Ugly Ft. Lauderdale
"I am unfolding my musical potential using Coyote Ugly as the perfect stage to feed my hunger for performance and thirst for musical knowledge."


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Coyote's Story

Coyote Ugly Saloon owner and founder Liliana Lovell took her best entertainers/singers from 13 locations across the country to form "Coyote," an all-female group which debuted on the third season of CMT's The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search. Following the same vision of the original Coyote Ugly Saloon—empowering women to dream big and have the courage to go after those dreams—these young women started yet another chapter of the Coyote Ugly story.

The original saloon in New York City's East Village spawned the hit movie Coyote Ugly, and the movie's theme of a young woman with a dream of making music came full circle with the formation of this group! The Coyotes once again proved that dreams can come true, just as they did in 1993 with the opening of the first Coyote Ugly Saloon.


Singing Coyote Photos

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These girls are traveling Coyotes and make up Coyote Ugly's singing group, Coyote!

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